We provide real time document management and trade tracking, closely following each stage of a trade's life-cycle

International trade transactions demand next level efficiency. This is why we strongly focus in on-demand transparent availability of trade documents and trade status. On the sell side, participants can upload documents based on what the buy side needs. On the buy side, particpants can download documents based on the current true status of the transaction.

High efficiency is directly linked with a high number of administrative tasks. Our platform eliminates the need for constant status update requests, manual monitoring and high number of emails and phone calls. Through our centralization method, you can check your dashboard and instantly obtain up to date document, logistics and paymet status by transaction ID.



Single platform that provides real time trade status, logistical based updates, and transaction history alongside trade document management.


Access to live and available transactional information fromy your suppliers throughout the world. Access to live and ready to download import documents and real-time ETD/ETA of your transaction.


Ongoing assurance that all market participants meet your “KYC” and “AML” requirements allowing for safe and long term relationships. All participants (sellers and/or buyers) are carefully reviewed through our continuous monitoring system.


OKO was created with payment security in mind. As you participate in active international markets, our milestone payment system protects the buyer and seller by releasing payments as trade life-cycle miles stones are met on both sides. (As previously agreed by both sides).



A robust platform for procurement teams of all sizes

As a buyer on OKO, you can directly connect with all of your existing supplier relationships, centralize all information through OKO, and continue business as usual.

Buyers have full access to all trade information. View your dashboard to understand the status of pending, shipped and completed transactions. Documents will always be saved for you to quickly access them at any time.

Users can search the dashboard by product, transaction ID, supplier relationship, port of origin, port of destination and many other ways.

By centralizing important counterparty infortmation on our platform, OKO's platform will allow you to utilize your time more efficiently and not worry about manual administrative tasks that each transaction demands.

Users are protected through OKO’s payment mechanism which monitors and follows the trade life cycle on both sides of the market.

Confidently execute on confirmed transactions to grow your business.

Sales Teams can focus on business development, and logistics teams can focus on succesful product planning delivery.

As payment is securely uploaded upon trade execution (based on agreed terms), sellers can access funds as they meet trade life cycle mile stones. Ie – submit ETA/ETD, upload trade documents, etc.

As KYC and AML is continuously monitored, sellers can interact with their trade partners around the globe without requiring extensive due diligence.

Team members can focus on their specific activity while OKO's platform takes care of the manual daily status updates to customers. Just upload trade date once, and let OKO deliver updates instantaneously until ETA is reached.

Sellers can maintain and manage all of the existing relationships in multiple markets at the same time, upload trade documents and understand confirmed payment status at all times, prior to releasing the final Bill of Lading or marking the transaction complete.

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