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Oko is the only logistics tool leveraging innovation to deliver automation solutions faster, smarter, and clearer—all so you can problem-solve sooner.

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Oko Core Capabilities

At Oko, we are dedicated to helping global logistics businesses of all sizes streamline their shipping process and boost efficiency.

Data Automation

Automate the manual data entry from documents received into existing systems.

Document Agnostic

Capture any type of document in any format with any carrier no matter the mode of transport.

Error Free Processing

Machine learning powered algorithms that understand shipping tracking for error free processing and communication.

More Accurate Data

Drive better communication with more accurate information between all supply chain parties.

Embrace Automation

Replace outdated, manual data entry and processes with Oko.

System Integration

Oko was built to work with the systems and processes you already have in place.

Who we are

Our team is obsessed with helping logistics companies make their supply chains more efficient. Our automation tool does the heavy lifting, so your team can focus on tasks that deliver more value.
Powered by Machine Learning

Oko employs machine learning technology to capture information from documents while digesting everything in a simple, streamlined format.

Driven by Automation

Our tool provides automated solutions for your business processes and ensures streamlined productivity and communication at every step.

Focused on Growth

Allow your current team to handle more loads by focusing on customers and not documents and data entry.

100% Visibility
99% Accurate

Oko’s unique machine-learning powered algorithms ensure 99% data extraction accuracy

100% Visibility
75% of Manual Shipment Processes Automated

Oko enables logistics companies to automate up to 75% of manual shipment processes.

100% Visibility
Extract Critical Data from 12+ Documents

Use Oko to extract, reconcile, and push data from all 12+ critical import and export international shipping documents.

Illustration demonstrating supply chain elements in a dashboard

Omni International

“Oko allows me to centrally manage my shipment by automating incoming documents from multiple carriers and for multiple customers without adding extra work.“

Victor B.
Omni International

How can we help

Whether you need to improve communications between parties or automate manual supply chain processes, Oko has the tools you need to get your shipments delivered with maximum efficiency.

Whether you are dealing with import/export processes or managing in-transit shipments, staying on top of documents and ensuring compliance at every step can be challenging. Our end-to-end automation tool integrates seamlessly with your existing email inbox, automating manual data input processes.

  • Automate 100% of data extraction, entry, and maintenance for shipment data
  • Streamline document handling and ensure accurate, timely processing at every step
  • Gain complete visibility and document compliance from delivery all the way back to the source
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Success Stories

Real-world wins in the supply chain

We help companies navigate the complexities of supply chain management.

At Oko, we believe in leveraging leading-edge technology and machine learning to streamline and automate the logistics process, and we have  seen the results first-hand.

Improved Internal Processes
Improved Internal Processes

Business leaders have increased efficiency when grouping document requests by 50% when using our automation and centralization tool.

Faster Transactions
Faster Transactions

Supply chain managers have been able to automate 75% of international transaction processes.

Improving Scalability and Efficiency
Improving Scalability and Efficiency

Boost team efficiency by 25x of your team and technology by removing manual work that limits their full potential.

Omni International

“Within the first month, Oko was able to identify changes in arrival times for my shipments and help me avoid 15% of Detention and Demurrage fees. I switched to using Oko for full visibility of all of international shipments, while centralizing all of my customer documentation. Having one place to check ETAs and manage international documents has allowed me to communicate faster with my customers and focus on growing my business.”

CEO, Omni International


When Oko first partnered with Omni International, the logistics team at Omni was struggling to keep up with real-time changes in arrival times for their international shipments. They were facing huge penalties for missed deadlines, and they needed help getting a full view of all of their incoming shipments in order to make adjustments and avoid these costly delays. As soon as Omni started working with Oko, they saw immediate improvements. Within just one month of using Oko's advanced analytics platform, they were able to identify and mitigate 15% of detention and demurrage fees by ensuring that shipments arrived on time.

By giving them complete visibility into all of their international shipping data, Oko helped the Omni team streamline their entire supply chain process. Not only did this provide Omni with greater control over their shipments and reduce costs associated with late arrivals, but it also allowed them to focus on scaling their business and growing new customer relationships without being held back by logistical challenges. Today more than ever, companies turn to Oko for innovative solutions that help them stay ahead of the curve in the fast-paced world of global commerce. With Oko at their side, anyone can achieve success in today's global economy.


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